The CYO Philosophy

Let us be reminded that the primary goal of the CYO program is to give all players a positive experience while giving them the instruction to improve their skills. We are the role models for our children and I encourage you to always demonstrate the highest level of sportsmanship and leadership.

The CYO basketball program is the largest youth basketball program in the North Bay. Over 2,500 children, grades 3—8, participate on over 250 teams. We have developed a reputation for providing a very structured program that is wholesome and exciting for all participants. The program is totally dependent upon volunteers, parents and other interested parties who are willing to give of their time and efforts to our children. We are grateful to each coach, assistant coach, and team parent who has committed himself/herself to the program.

The Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa sponsors sports activities as one dimension of it’s ministry to youth. The teamwork, support, and discipline demanded by a sport are reflective of the characteristics of a true Christian Community. Sports offers the opportunity to experience a community that supports and respects it’s members.

The CYO programs seek to provide activities for all youth. All players are encouraged to participate to the best of their ability, to improve their skills, and to excel in their talents. The team aspect of sports is emphasized rather than the “star” athletes and teams.

In developing a supportive team, participants are taught to respect and affirm their team-mates. An atmosphere of sportsmanship, helpfulness, and patience is encouraged. Cheating, ridicule, and unsportsmanlike conduct are not tolerated.

Failure in a game or in conduct are seen as learning opportunities. Youth are challenged to do their best and to accept critique when appropriate. Youth, parents, and even coaches who are not “coachable” in their skills or attitude may be asked not to participate.

Teams are encouraged to try to “win” the game, but not at all costs. Sportsmanship, equal participation of all players and fair play are the first priority of every practice and game. Teams who strive to make each player look good, who develop strong team support and who practice the fundamentals of the sport will find they are winners of both the game and of Christian characters.

Adult volunteers are the key to success of the CYO programs. They are the models for the youth. They must consciously attempt to be Christian witnesses, to teach the fundamentals of a sport responsibly, to treat each student fairly, and to uphold the goals of the CYO program.

— Rich Ruybalid (CYO President)

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