CYO Downloads, Forms & Policies

Below you’ll find all of our downloadable forms including: the parent code of conduct, the CYO rulebook, the CYO incident/injury report, the policy for the protection of children, and the policy for driving of children to and from events.

Parent Code of Conduct

All parents must sign the following CYO Parent Code of Conduct in order for their child to participate in the CYO program. Each parish’s CYO program includes this requirement as part of its registration process.

CYO Rulebook

Feel free to download and save a copy of the official Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) rulebook for the upcoming basketball season.

CYO Incident/Injury Report

This form is to be used to report any incident regarding injury, rule violation, or any parent, fan, player or coach misconduct, during any practice or league event (game).

Policy for the Protection of Children

This form outlines the steps that the Diocese of Santa Rosa takes to ensure the protection of children and young people. This policy covers CYO organizations in Sonoma; Napa; Mendocino; Lake; Humboldt and Del Norte Counties.

Policy for Driving Children To and From Events

It is the policy of the Diocese of Santa Rosa that parents be vigilant in their parental responsibility and that no adult who is acting on behalf of a parish or diocesan program be alone with a child who is not their own at any diocesan sponsored event.

Parents who drop off their child should make certain that the child is safely in the care of responsible adults at the intended location before leaving the premises. If parents are dropping off their child, they are expected to bring the child just before the event and pick up their child promptly when the event ends. Coaches and other adults are not babysitters.

In the case of CYO, sometimes a coach or assistant coach is asked to transport a child other than his/her own child, to the practice or game. The coach or assistant coach is acting as an agent of the Diocese only at the time and location of the CYO event. During transport prior to the CYO event and once the event is ended, the coach or assistant who transports a child is acting as an agent of the parent and not as an agent of the Diocese.

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